“We are governed by Christ through his undershepherds”

Pastor Larry Smith

Larry has served the congregation since 1989. Through his many years of expository preaching and teaching, the people of God have been led to a deeper understanding of Biblical truths and how to apply them. He has presented messages on nearly all of the books of the New Testament, and has taught the London Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689 several times. During his first year of ministry at Centinela Baptist Church, Larry participated in forming the Southern California Association of Reformed Baptist Churches, in with cooperation with the pastors of Sovereign Grace Baptist Church of Ontario and Trinity Reformed Baptist Church of Bellflower (now La Mirada). If you would like to contact Pastor Smith, his personal email address is pastorsmith@centinela-rbc.com.

In Memoriam: Pastor Chris Beamer (November 21, 1950 – September 30, 2018)

Chris joined Pastor Smith as co-elder in November of 1999 and served through July 2018. He shared the preaching, counseling, and administrative duties of the ministry. Out of his extensive musical background, he regularly contributed to congregational worship by providing piano accompaniment to hymn singing. Chris produced three publications during his ministry at Centinela Baptist Church: 1) the booklet “Better Singing Congregations”; 2) the book treatise “Standards for the Singing Church: A Guide to Musical Worship”; and 3) the Reformed Psalter Hymnal. Pages from the Reformed Psalter Hymnal are posted at www.scoreexchange.com (search: Beamer). Six samples of psalms and hymns from the Reformed Psalter Hymnal are below. A limited supply of the Reformed Psalter Hymnals remain; please contact Centinela Baptist Church at info@centinela-rbc.com.

“Thy glory, O God” (Psalm 19) (download pdf)
“Lord, thou art our dwelling place” (Psalm 90) (download pdf)
“For his mercy endureth forever” (Psalm 136) (download pdf)
“Depth of mercy” (No. 175) (download pdf)
“Jesus is a wise physician” (No. 201) (download pdf)
“Our guilt is turned to grace” (No. 217) (download pdf)