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Gospel Counseling Chart

The elements and experience of salvation are portrayed with flow lines relating important doctrines to a “lifeline” representing the believer. It is offered in English and Spanish. (A guide to using the chart will be posted soon.)
Salvation (pdf) | Salvacion (pdf)

Psalms Chart

The content, organization, leading literary features, authors, and a few historical events in a timeline are summarized in this “picture” of the book of Psalms. It is offered in English and Spanish.
Psalms (pdf) | Salmos (pdf)

Zechariah Chart

The work of the late minor prophet is organized by themes, and coordinated with its place in Jewish history by a timeline. It is offered in English and Spanish.
Zechariah (pdf) | Zacarias (pdf)

NOTE: No public meetings of Centinela Baptist Church are yet conducted in Spanish.