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The Reformed Psalter Hymnal, edited and published by Chris Beamer, provides a full complement of the 150 Psalms versified and set to music. It also provides 100 additional hymns, many already in the Trinity Hymnal Baptist Edition, but set to other tunes perhaps more fitting or easier to sing.  Pages from the Reformed Psalter Hymnal are posted here. Six samples of the psalms and hymns are below. A limited supply of the Reformed Psalter Hymnal remain. To obtain copies, please contact Centinela Baptist Church at

“Thy glory, O God” (Psalm 19) (download pdf)
“Lord, thou art our dwelling place” (Psalm 90) (download pdf)
“For his mercy endureth forever” (Psalm 136) (download pdf)
“Depth of mercy” (No. 175) (download pdf)
“Jesus is a wise physician” (No. 201) (download pdf)
“Our guilt is turned to grace” (No. 217) (download pdf)

Teaching Tools

Gospel Counseling Chart

The elements and experience of salvation are portrayed with flow lines relating important doctrines to a “lifeline” representing the believer. It is offered in English and Spanish. (A guide to using the chart will be posted soon.)
Salvation (pdf) | Salvacion (pdf)

Psalms Chart

The content, organization, leading literary features, authors, and a few historical events in a timeline are summarized in this “picture” of the book of Psalms. It is offered in English and Spanish.
Psalms (pdf) | Salmos (pdf)

Zechariah Chart

The work of the late minor prophet is organized by themes, and coordinated with its place in Jewish history by a timeline. It is offered in English and Spanish.
Zechariah (pdf) | Zacarias (pdf)

NOTE: No public meetings of Centinela Baptist Church are yet conducted in Spanish.